New Stuff And Easter Eggs

What's new?

New pieces are added to the game. Ramps, bridges and a wall run. Almost every corner of the map is now accessible and there are plenty more stunts and trick to perform. Now you can change the car setup. It means you can chose between DRIFT, OFFROAD and ORIGINAL. Each setup has different features (specified in a text document attached to the download folder). A new profile is under testing and will come soon (spoiler: monster truck). Except all this there more vegetation and rocks around the map.

Dust is more transparent but still can be blinding sometimes because it can get really dense. Dust density slider will be added in future updates. The dust algorithm is just dumb but I don't have time to fix that now so it's left for later. When you are stuck try not to keep full throttle because it will generate huge amount of particles.

Easter Eggs

There are 6 Easter eggs around the map. Three of them are more special. If you find those three you'll get a key to my biggest game for free as soon as it's released. For more information about this feel free to ask. The other ones will enable certain cool features. 

Note: The key eggs will be removed when the other game is released and the key will only be available for 100 downloads. If 100 downloads are reached you can no longer have access to the free copy.

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Jun 11, 2018

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Much better build and a hell of a lot more fun! I have tried to find those Easter Eggs but I just can't find them :'(. I had a lot of fun trying to get to get to the highest ramps (it is challenging) but I defintely got the hold of the controls towards the end. Keep up the good work, man. I'm lookig forward to new updates!

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Two of the easter eggs are already spoiled in the screenshots and are exactly or near the place where the screenshot was taken. In one of them you need to stop and press the brakes and in the other one you need to be really fast in order not to fall. I can also help you with the third one. You need to jump as high as possible and in order to land as high as possible.

The other 3 are a bit harder to find. You need to try to do new stuff and be in places you're not supposed to be.