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This was actually pretty cool. I kept trying to catch air and flip over lol. So this is a mechanic for a bigger game correct? I would say that the dust particles can be blinding at times but that's an easy fix in Unity. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates.

It actually was part of a much bigger game but my ideas on that changed and this scene didn't fitted anymore. I've barely worked on it hahahahahaha. Actually models took me more time than anything else in the game. 

I decided to publish it as it is and if people liked it, I would put some more work into it. Looks like it is going to be updated. Hopefully by the end of the weekend a new version is coming up. You'll have the ability to modify the cars performance; change the density of the dust particles (I actually need to change the logic on that because it's a bit weird); maybe a new track or at least some new stuff for the current one. 

Still looking for a mission or an objective... If you have any idea it would be great hahahahaha

And there will be a lot of EASTER EGGS, if you find the right ones you'll have access to my big upcoming game for FREE so if you are interested stick around ;)

You had me at Easter eggs XD!


Hey I just want to announce that the new update is here. More stuff to do and i manage to put the Easter eggs ahahahah.

What I think you could improve:

-Mouse sensitivity was way too low

-Way too many particles (also, make them smaller and more see-through)

-Make the car a bit more agile (It takes too long to speed up nd slow down)

Great game, mate!

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You can adjust mouse sensitivity and graphics setting by pressing ESC and then click SETTINGS. As I mentioned in the description you will soon be able to adjust the car's performance fitting it to your needs. The current settings of the car are between drifting and rally. I may add an option to adjust particles density because I'm aware it affects performance. 

Thanks for the feedback, it really helps 😉. 

It would be great if you'd rate the game, if you haven't already.

Hey, I just want to announce that the game is Updated and there are plenty more things to do.

very cool game, wow I love the simplicity and artstyle